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The core of the idea:

A way to create organizations/alliances within an existing guild, that can have it's own independent roles and custom integrations.


Currently, web3 has limited access to marketing and media, and projects can have difficulty accessing proper ways to grow their community. However, we have powerful token incentives and grass root movements that can quickly start and spread. The problem is that an easy solution that allows projects to quickly empower their users to participate, purchase, and recruit others is disjointed, spread across multiple platforms, and a hodgepodge of mismatched code from various GitHub. We need a way to streamline this process and empower builders to activate their communities healthily and effectively.

Utilizing existing token allocation/inflation of projects, teams can incentivize recruitment and empower people within communities to recruit their friends, family, and Twitter followers to join, share, and participate.

Creating a system and platform that allows organizations to be created within an existing project, equipped with web3 authenticated recruitment links, which can track progress and contributions, is the solution.


  • A discord channel for each alliance that is permissioned to only that alliance and its recruits
  • Affiliate link creator bot within Discord
    • This bot would need to support a few different commands, such as:
      • Create affiliate link
      • Join alliance
      • Checkpoints
    • A website page to let users connect their wallets to track recruits
      • Web3 Auth setup
      • Linking their auth to a particular alliance